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A Microsoft Exchange EDB to PST converter that saves an immeasurable amount of time, money and effort

Learn how to convert EDB to PST file for Outlook in minutes

Want to know how to convert .edb to .pst file for Outlook? EBD to PST Converter Kit offers a complete set of features to help you extract, convert and save the contents of an Exchange EDB file to the familiar PST format used by Outlook.

The program has the following features:

The most remarkable characteristic of this Microsoft Exchange EDB to PST converter is the outstanding ease of use. The program’s interface is a multi-step wizard that carefully guides the user through every stage of the conversion process and requires virtually no user involvement. Even the selection of the version of the source EDB file can be entrusted to the program. This level of automation makes the product a top pick for users who don’t want to get too technical about this task and are looking for the least stressful way to move their data from one storage format to another.

After you download EDB 2 PST converter, launch the program via the Start menu or using its desktop shortcut. The next step allows you to select the version of the source Exchange EDB file from the following list: Auto-detect, Exchange 2003 and lower, Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. If you don’t know the version of the file you will be converting, go with the default auto-detect option. On the next step, select the source EDB file using the standard file and folder selection dialog. Once done, you will see its contents in a built-in file viewer. MS Exchange EDB files can contain multiple mailboxes, so you need to select the ones that you want transferred to Outlook. Do this by checking the boxes next to their names. The program saves each mailbox to a separate PST file on your hard drive.

An EDB PST conversion tool that is so easy that even schoolchildren won’t have a single problem with it

When designing this EDB to PST conversion tool, we focused on creating an interface that would allow even the most inexperienced and non-technical users handle this seemingly hard task with ease. That is why the UI is completely free of elements that may confused a person who has never personally dealt with similar software. The mechanics of the Exchange to Outlook migration process are hidden and the user only needs a few confirmation clicks to transfer the data.

An EDBtoPST converter with ground-breaking performance that turns this complex task into a breeze for anyone!

Not only is this Microsoft Exchange edb pst converter easy to use, it’s also based on an advanced core developed by the company’s experts that demonstrates excellent speed of data conversion and ensures that every element of the original file is correctly saved to the destination PST format. EDB to PST Converter Kit can perform convert EDB PST Outlook operations fully preserving the integrity of the source file (no modifications are made to the source whatsoever) and consumes a bare minimum of system memory while working with EDB database files of any size. The duration of the conversion process depends solely on the speed of the user’s system and usually takes seconds to minutes.

Check out this new Microsoft Exchange .EDB to .PST converter

The newest version of this EDB to PST conversion tool is based on deeply reworked algorithms and offers improved stability, minor bug fixes and optimized workflow. The program efficiently solves the problem of quick and reliable EDB to PST conversion and is a perfect fit for both one-time data transfers and regular conversion tasks performed by system administrators in companies and organizations using Microsoft products. All you need to do to solve the problem of Exchange to Outlook migration once and for all is to download EDB 2 PST converter and enjoy its outstanding ease of use.

A Microsoft Exchange .edb to .psd converter for those who like simplicity and ultimate reliability

Once of the main advantages that this Microsoft Exchange EDB to PST Converter gives you is privacy. Each time you outsource data recovery and conversion tasks to an external provider, your information leaks out and can be used against you. With EDB to PST Converter Kit, you will never have to a) waste time waiting for an external service to get the job done, b) pay them ample service fees and c) have doubts about the safety and confidentiality of your data.

This compact, fast and efficient solution solves all of these problems at ones and can be used by people with the most basic computer skills!