Refund Policy

A Client is that who purchases any Converter Kits, Inc. (Converter Kits) product online through any Converter Kits website.

Mail for Activation or Mail for download

The email sent by Converter Kits or payment gateway on purchase of the product/software online. The email contains the activation code for product/software for activating the product/software. All our products have an Electronic Delivery. All software distributed under the Try Before Buy License.

Users have to understand this very carefully that our data recovery software products are designed in such a way that they are tested in certain types of corruption cases where they give BEST successful recovery results. However, users should be well aware that there can be certain corruption cases where our products might not be able to recover complete Meta data etc. In addition, in case the free space of your system is overwritten by new data, then there can also be the chance of a recovery failure as, in that case, a corrupted file might not even contain the required data in the first place. This can be tested via the free DEMO versions, which give a preview of the recoverable data. We anticipate that users will co-operate with us, as we make every possible effort to help them reach 100% satisfaction.

Strongly Recommended to download, install, and try the DEMO Version of software before Purchase

Refund Guideline

The Client has the right to request a refund for the Converter Kits product/software within 30 days of the date of purchase if your case falls in the following refund guidelines. The purchase should have been made directly through Converter Kits.

Converter Kits is not responsible for any one of the following:

Refund will be made only if one of the below conditions hold true:

Converter Kits is not responsible for miss-interpretation by the client of the material published as part of promoting the product/software by our company. In such case, the responsibility lies with the client to get the right interpretation from the Converter Kits support staff.

Refund will only be done when signed Letter of Destruction in the form of an email that is received by the client. Converter Kits should receive the email at within 30 days of the date of purchase of the Converter Kits product/software. Letter Of Destruction implies that the client states in written form that the product/software bought from Converter Kits will be destroyed from all machines where it has been installed, all backup copies were deleted also and also allow a authorized person from Converter Kits to do a physical inspection of all the machines where it was installed to ensure the destruction is done properly. The inspection can happen anytime within 3 (three) years of the date of purchase of the product/software from Converter Kits. The inspection can happen without prior notice to the client. Any evidence of the refund product/software is entitled to be entered in legal proceedings.

From the date of receiving the Letter of Destruction from the client, the refund will be processed within 15 days. Any delay of more than 15 days will be notified to the client through email from Converter Kits. If the full licensed version of any software works, but not completely, then we will provide a solution for that. You can contact the support team in case the software you purchased fails to execute operations that are promised to be done. After analyzing and studying the issue, our technical expert will provide you with a suitable solution and then also if the issue is not solved and still exists, then we will refund your money that was provided while purchasing the product and the amount will be determined according to the task and issues solved by our software.

Technical Support

We use the personal information you supply when you submit a support question to respond to your question. Your email address is used to send a response from our Technical Support team.

A refund is not valid in the following cases: